Data Pipeline

Extract all your business data from database, Web & mobile, Social, CRM, finance, eComm and store it in a cloud data warehouse to build your single sours of truth (business brain) then build automated dashboards that help you gain visibility, confidence and answer your top hot business questions.

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End outputs

  1. Consolidate all your data in one place - no more silos
  2. Build automated reports and dashboards using your BigQuery data

Core problems

when you think about your business, there are lots of different areas to consider sales, marketing IT … extra. And if you want to understand and make good decisions, a lot of times you'll need information from other systems or other parts of the organization.

And unless you have a single system that actually encompasses every single aspect of our business, most companies aren't able to incorporate those outside data sources, and even within a single process, such as marketing, you may have 5,10 15, different systems that run your process and run your business.

for example, maybe you have Google Analytics for our web traffic, facebook Ads for marketing as well as social media channels, email marketing automation and then you have Salesforce for our sales process. as you can see, this what it is called data silos.


Imagine having an automated engine that works 24/7, A system that pulls data from all your marketing and analytics tools, and the provides you with a central view with answers to your burning questions and insight you can trust and act on. A system that works non-stop to help you better run, optimize, and grow your business. this is the cloud data pipeline.

Moving your data stack to the cloud is this is the first step of your digital transformation.

My done-for-you solution covers from A to Z: Situation analysis, requirement gathering, measurement planning, data collection, data processing, data analysis, and creation of automated reporting dashboards for your teams.

BigQuery data pipeline

This BigQuery data pipeline transforms your raw data into immediately-usable reporting.

  1. Raw data: I pull data from all systems into your BigQuery database
  2. Data models: I write a set of SQL transformations, which churn your raw data into rich insights
  3. Data visualisation: I build reports in your preferred data viz platform - Data Studio, Looker or Tableau

Why use the Cloud Data Pipeline?

  1. Save time, no more data wranglin’ Fire yourself from exporting raw data from 5 different dashboards.
  2. A single, documented source of truth Never again ask "is this field net margin, or net net margin"?
  3. Unlock insights simply not possible in spreadsheets By analyzing transaction-level data in BigQuery, over the lifetime of your business.

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