My Story


I'm Anmar, Helping Business Build revenue infrastructure and drive growth with Modern Data Stack, MarTech, and Scientific Performance Marketing.

My Approach

Modern Digital businesses need 3-Core transforms.

  1. Visibility Dashboards (Modern Data Stack)
    build automated BI dashboards that help you gain visibility, confidence and answer your top hot business questions.

    Approach: syncing the raw sources into one place (BigQuery) and cleaning/staging the data to make it usable. then build automated BI dashboards (reporting system) on top of trusted data

    - Extract & Load: production database to data warehouse.  (BigQuery)
    - Transform: the row data to analysis-ready tables. (dbt)
    - Model: SQL models, which churns raw data into rich insights (SQL, dbt)
    - Visualize: develop automated dashboards (Looker)

    - Gain visibility that lead to make key decisions in real-time.
    - Optimize results and scale faster with confidence.
  2. Product Analytics (Product Usage analysis)
    understand customers behavior on App & Web, and see if they are using Product features and when, where, and why they are stuck.

    Approach: leverage (GA4) once we find clear limitations we can move into a paid solutions that would allow us to do more. (Amplitude).

    - Metric Discovery: identify what questions to answer.
    - Tracking Plan: technical instructions for development team.
    - Implement & QA data
    - Team Training and Education

    closing the gap between what happens on the web, to what actually drives revenue by associating website activity to down-funnel metrics.
  3. Personalization and CX (MarTech Integration)
    Build the perfect integrated MarTech stack and to deliver personalized product experience, relevant messaging, and being more relevant to customers. (Search and Recommend system, Omnichannel Communication, CRM, ...).

    Approach:  Martech over DIY Approach, we are living in the Age of Leverage, Martech is now a $121.5 billion market worldwide and there is over 7,000 marketing software companies fighting for the same buyers’ attention.

    - Martech Selection: the right Stack for your industry, budget use-case.
    - Technical Integration with selected vendors. (CDP, reverse ETL, zapier)
    - Team Training and Education.

    - deliver personalized product experience
    - relevant messaging / offers.
    - no more tools/data silos

When you implement those three transformations in your business, that means you build the revenue infrastructure that will help you grow and scale. The outcome will be:

  1. Scientific Performance Marketing (Customer Acquisition)
    It’s much harder to scale paid channels after a certain point because of negative marginal returns, and the paid game will be much harder in a cookieless world.
    But when you have web analytics and MarTech integration in place, you will increase the return on paid traffic, as your integrated, automated systems will help you capture the traffic and close the sale on the next stage.
  2. Scientific A/B test.
    How fast can you go from zero to dominating a market? As fast as you can split test. Yes, the ability for fast, scientific A/B tests is the main differentiator between high growth and average business, and without the Analytics and Martech integration, there is no scientific experimentation.

I believe modern digital organizations must complete the 3-Core Transforms before talking about paid traffic.

So my Approach is Building data and revenue infrastructure first as a foundation for data driven, system driven online Acquisition engine.
- Data (dashboards & event tracking)
- System (MarTech Selection & integration)
- Traffic (system, data driven online Acquisition)

About me:

I’m passionate about Modern Data Stack, Digital Analytics, and Scientific Performance Marketing, I have experience in such fields for more than 5 years.

I’m passionate about solving problems and communicating empirical results in ways clients can understand - and then using those insights to drive results and reach goals. I’m particularly interested in the intersection of business and data.

I also like to spend my time testing new techniques and tools in the digital area, I believe that with Choosing the right tools (MarTech) and Smart use, we can have a big impact with less hassle.

Career Experience:

Working with Majarra, Performance Marketing.

I previously held work at Harvard Business Review Arabia (Majarra Company) and helped the company with transformation to the new digital subscription business model, paywall strategy and helped HBR to grow form 0 to 20,000 paid subscribers, using digital ads, funnels and promotions. and I had the opportunity to deal with many analytics technologies including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, google data studio. I also learned how to craft compelling digital marketing campaigns that garnered attention.

Majarra is a technology company that offers a network of reliable, high-quality online content platforms in Arabic, including Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review, Popular Science, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Psychologies and more.

After IOS update, and the increase of my campaign CPA, i recognize that the rules of paid traffic had been changed. so i put the problem under my logic anvil and started hammering hard and hard until i recognized that the real game in cookie-less world is Data, Not traffic. so i take a decision to axis shift and re-pivoting around the real market problem.

Axis shift is, everybody always looks at a situation this way. Everybody always assumes this rule. And you say, well, we're going to take that rule out. And we're going to insert a different rule.

Working with Floranow, Digital Analyst.

November, 2021 I moved to a new rule, new industry as a digital analyst, with floranow, with clear objective.

Transform Floranow to be data-driven, unlocking the value of customer data by mapping buyer journey, building the data infrastructure, and integrating Marketing and technology stack.

using my previous digital analytics skills, i helped Floranow with marketplace event tracking using GA4 and GTM to track sign up flows and purchase funnel.

Floranow, B2B floral online marketplace, connect global growers to flower shops & businesses in one click of a button.

But quietly i recognize that product analytics is just part of the company data problem.

I'm now helping floranow to to consolidate all data from ERP, Vendor Portal and Marketplace, SaaS Apps to BigQuery. then clean, prepare and model the row-data to build business intelligence automated dashboards.

as my core unique skill is the ability to think systemically, understand complex systems with engineering mind, and simplify it as marketer. typically i'm targeting those 2 career position in market.  

and my next career step:

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