My Story

Dear Business Professional,

I'm Anmar, A Data analytics and modeling practitioner, and Data Product Manager with a comprehensive background in implementing Data-Driven digital transformation strategies. Eager to apply my deep expertise in Data Analytics, Modern Data Stack, Business Intelligence, Dashboard Creation, and user behavior analysis within a forward-thinking organization. My proven proficiency with tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google BigQuery, dbt, Looker Studio, PowerBI, and Tableau. combined with advanced skills in SQL and data modeling, enables me to construct sophisticated data warehouses. These data warehouses integrate operational and behavioral analytics, facilitating the implementation of complex, advanced analytics solutions. My goal is to leverage this unique blend of technical expertise and strategic insight to drive meaningful business growth and enhance data-driven decision-making processes.

Helping Businesses transform data into a competitive advantage. by building modern data infrastructures that capture comprehensive transactional and behavioral data from internal systems, SaaS tools, and databases, as well as customer interactions with your products. crafting automated, interactive business intelligence and KPIs dashboards that help you get complete end-to-end visibility of your internal business functional areas processes (Marketing, Sales, Finance, Support, Production, Operations, Supply Chain, Procurement, Inventory, HR...) and customers' behavior in the digital product (Web, App) so that you can gain visibility and confidence to run your operations more effectively and facilitate data-driven growth.

My Unique Edge:

  • my unique edge in the market lies in my ability to develop comprehensive data warehouses and perform intricate data modeling. This expertise enables me to merge behavioral and transactional data, creating a complete view of business operations that many analytics solutions in the market fail to achieve.
  • While most data analytics focus predominantly on either behavioral data (like that from GA4 and digital ads) or operational data (from CRM and accounting systems), my approach is to combine these diverse data streams. This synthesis provides a more complete and nuanced understanding of the business.
  • The true value lies in the integration of these data sources within a well-structured data warehouse. By leveraging advanced SQL skills and sophisticated data modeling techniques, I am capable of generating in-depth, 360-degree business insights that are both comprehensive and actionable. This ability to create a unified view of all business aspects is where my core expertise and contribution lie, setting me apart in the field of digital analytics.

What I Bring to the Table:

  • Deep Expertise: Profound knowledge of Data Analytics, Data Modeling, Modern Data Stacks, and Business Intelligence.
  • Advanced SQL and Data Modeling: Advanced capabilities in crafting sophisticated data warehouses that integrate operational and behavioral analytics. Strong understanding of Normalization and Dimensional modeling techniques and their application in data and analytics projects.
  • Data Analysis and Dashboard Creation: Analyze data from various sources to provide actionable insights. Apply advanced SQL to develop automated, interactive business intelligence and KPI dashboards.
  • Hands-on experience in growth marketing, conversion optimization, and marketing analytics: managing and optimizing digital ad traffic as well as designing effective marketing funnels for customer acquisition.

My Approach

Modern Digital businesses need 3-Core transforms.