My website has a simple mission: deliver important, deeply reported stories about the modern data stack, business intelligence and performance marketing  you won’t find elsewhere. my goal is to build high quality community for fresh information and original insight.

Principles that set our world class blog apart

1. Well-researched and highly actionable content. We work hard to write blog posts that add value and make it worth your time (even when the posts are long). There’s way too much mediocrity in the world, there is absolutely no need for yet another mediocre blog. We strive for excellence, always.

Every single blog post we put out there aims to be the best in the world content on whatever topic it’s on.

2. Noise reduction. There’s a lot of noise out there, you don’t need more of it. You have business challenges and you need answers. When we write on a topic, our goal is to make it so good you don’t need to read much else on the subject.

We’ll make sure the writing covers a lot of research, interesting points made by smart people and clear steps on what to do next.

3. Smart marketers only. We write for smart people. No cheesy stuff, no “how to add a background to Twitter” nor “10 useless things that waste your time” type of posts. There’s too much basic bullshit out there, and not enough advanced level content.


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